Picture of a boardroom

Our Executive and Board

Our dedicated Board members monitor our performance, manage business risks and make sure our Executive team is working effectively.

We are regulated by the Regulator of Social Housing which monitors all registered housing providers in England. We also have a Residents’ Scrutiny Panel to allow our residents to scrutinise and challenge our work, and inform our decisions.

Declarations of interest

Our Board members declare any conflicts of interest and these are updated annually and recorded on a register which is available for public scrutiny on request. Please email requests to [email protected]

The Executive Team

Our Executive team oversees the management and key decision making at Cottsway. They are supported by our Corporate Leadership Team.

Photo of Richard Reynolds, resources director
Richard Reynolds

Acting Chief Executive and Board Member

Photo of Sue Lakin, operations director
Sue Lakin

Operations Director and Board Member

Stephen Leonard - Interim Resources Director
Stephen Leonard

Interim Resources Director

Our Board Members

Our skilled and experienced Board members oversee all key decisions and review performance throughout the year.

Photo of Andrew Hall, our Chairman
Andrew Hall (Chair)
Photo of Alice Cummings, a board member
Alice Cummings
Alix Green
Alix Green
Photo of Emma Kenny, a board member
Emma Kenny
Photo of Colin Sherriff, a board member
Lizzie Hieron
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