Cottsway worker fitting a new kitchen

Planned maintenance

We carry out planned maintenance work to ensure your rented home is kept in good condition. This includes replacing kitchens, bathrooms, central heating, roofs, windows and doors.

When it is time for work to happen at your home, we will let you know what we are planning, when it will happen and who will do it.

We carry out annual gas and oil servicing and electrical checks every five years. See:

We also aim to visit your home every five years to check its condition. We will do a thorough survey and we use this information to decide when items need to be replaced as part of a planned programme of works. You will be given the opportunity to choose finishes from the range we have available.

We will repair items wherever possible, rather than replace, and there is a minimum life expectancy for the following items in your home:

  • Kitchen - 20 years
  • Bathroom - 30 years
  • Heating systems - 30 years
  • Boiler - 15 years
  • Windows and door - 30 years
  • Pitched roofs - 80 years
  • Flat roofs - 25 years 
  • Gutters and downpipes - 30 years
  • External hard standings - 60 years
  • Electrical rewiring - 50 years (although we aim to test your system every five years)
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