Our assisted decorating scheme is now open for applications. You may be eligible if you are over the age of 70 or have a disability. See Help with decorating and gardening

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Home alterations and permission

You have the right to make some minor alterations to your home, but you need to seek permission from us first.

It is important that you ask us for permission before you carry out any alterations to the property, get a pet, run a business from home or take in a lodger because it is part of your agreement. Your rights will depend on the type of tenancy you have. For detailed information, please see your Tenancy agreement

Home alterations

You can carry out simple painting and decorating work within your home.

However, you will need permission for some work including:

  • Installing fencing, gates, sheds and greenhouses
  • Painting your front door or installing a catflap
  • Installing CCTV and doorbell cameras
  • Laying floorings (although we provide kitchen and bathroom flooring as standard)
  • Laying a patio
  • Installing a satellite TV dish

Installing log burners or open fires and making major structural changes or significant alterations to the layout of rooms are not usually permitted.

It is important that you gain permission from us before you start any work: Ask for permission

You should know that we:

  • Check your property boundaries.
  • Check our records to see whether your home has any Asbestos containing materials
  • May ask for work to be carried out to certain conditions and standards.
  • Will refuse your request if we believe the work would reduce the value of your home or if your account is in arrears.
  • Reserve the right to remove or put right any defective improvement work that has been done without our permission, or that is not to set conditions, and we will charge for this work.

Keeping a pet

You do not need permission to keep pets like those below, unless you have lots of them:

  • fish
  • reptiles
  • mice
  • hamsters
  • up to three caged birds (not including poultry)

There are some pets that you do need to ask permission to keep, but we will always try to support your requests where possible, taking into account your needs and ability to care for the animal(s). We will deal with requests on a case-by-case basis, but usually you will be able to keep the following if you have a private, enclosed garden (not shared with your neighbours):

  • dogs and cats – as long as you have an individual entrance to your home. You must ask for permission for each dog or cat.
  • poultry – you may also need to check with your local council.

If you have a need for an assistance animal that carries out tasks for you, we will consider this as part of the suitability of your home and need for personal independence, like aids and adaptations.

If your request to keep a pet is declined, you may appeal the decision. To do this, contact us

We reserve the right to withdraw permission if a pet becomes a nuisance to neighbours, for example dogs barking, cockerels crowing or owners not cleaning up behind them.

Ask for permission

Running a business from home

It is great to know that our customers are enterprising and want to run a business from home. We encourage this and wherever possible we want to be able to give you permission to start up, or run, a small business from your home address. We need to make sure that your neighbours are not inconvenienced and that your business does not cause nuisance or hazard.

Ask for permission


A lodger is someone who lives with you in your home and who pays you rent. Family members and partners who live with you are not considered lodgers. You can have a lodger provided your home does not become overcrowded.

  • You cannot let the whole of your home to someone else.
  • You must still live at the address.
  • You are responsible for the behaviour of anyone you invite into your home, including a lodger.  

If you receive benefits you must tell the relevant agency about the money you receive as it may affect your claim.

Ask for permission

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