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Stock condition surveys

We carry out property inspections every five years to ensure homes are safe and maintained to the Government’s ‘Decent Homes Standard’.

These ‘stock condition surveys’ are carried out by one of our surveyors, who look at your home inside and out. They will check its structure including the roof and loft - if you have one - as well as the main fittings, such as your windows, boiler, kitchen and bathroom.

As well as ensuring the property is safe, these checks help us to decide how long the major elements of your home will last before needing to be replaced. We use the information to plan future improvement works to your home, so it’s very important that we're able to gain access when the time comes for your survey.

We will contact you to let you know when it’s time for a stock condition survey and to arrange a convenient time to access your home. When the surveyor arrives, they will show you their Cottsway photo ID.

If you are in any doubt that they work for us, please ask them to wait outside and shut the door. Then call us on 01993 890000 to check.

The survey should take less than an hour and we need you to be at home throughout.

Our surveyor will inspect the current condition of the major fixtures of your home for wear and tear and take photographs of them so we have accurate records. These photographs are held securely and only we can access them. No other information about you is stored with the photographs.

All areas of the property, inside and outside, are visually inspected against a checklist of set questions to ensure they are safe and fit for purpose.

The surveyor will need to look in any loft space to check the insulation, the boiler or water heating system, kitchen and bathroom as well as the front and back of your home, so these areas will need to be easily accessible during their visit.

Sorry, no. To request a repair, please see: Repairs and maintenance

Information from the survey updated on our database within 5 working days – however, any health and safety issues found will be raised immediately so that these can be put right as soon as possible.

Other information is used to help us adjust our planned maintenance programme and budget, so we can prioritise improvement works for the future.

See: Planned maintenance

We are able to tell you when a survey last took place at your property and book in the next one if it is due, please contact us

Please note:
A stock condition survey is a general inspection of the major elements of your home and is separate from any other survey that may have been carried out previously, for example if we have been out to look at your roof, or kitchen or bathroom. However, if your survey is due to be carried out at your home at the same time as an asbestos survey, we will try to do these at the same time.

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