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Leaseholders are responsible for the general repair and maintenance of everything inside the property. You may also have to pay service charges.

As a leaseholder you have bought the right to live in your home for a fixed period. The first lease is for 125 years but if you bought your lease on the open market it will be shorter. The lease states what your rights and obligations are. It also tells you about our rights and obligations as the owner of the property (freeholder).

In most circumstances you will be responsible for all:

  • Internal repairs and decorating.
  • Fixtures and fittings in your home (this usually includes window handles and locks).
  • Plumbing, electrical services and wiring within and servicing solely your property.
  • Plaster and other surfaces to all floors, walls and ceilings in your property.
  • Doors and door frames to and in your home.
  • Window glazing (but not the frames).
  • Gas safety checks. It is recommended that your gas appliances are checked every 12 months by a gas safe registered engineer.
  • Plus any land mentioned in the lease.

We are responsible for looking after the structure and exterior, including communal areas, and the cost is shared between Cottsway and leaseholders.


Service charges

Information about service charges for your home will have been provided when you purchased the lease.

For more information see: Rent and service charges


Buildings insurance

We arrange buildings insurance for leaseholders and you then pay the cost of this to us. The cost depends on the size of your property and you will receive a bill for this every year in April.

We do not arrange contents insurance, but we recommend that you take out cover to protect the belongings inside your home.

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