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22 January 2024

Reporting communal area repairs

Do you live in a Cottsway flat? Did you know that, as your landlord, we’re responsible for maintaining and carrying out any repairs needed in the communal area/s of your building?

During 2022-23, we carried out 1,054 communal repairs and, so far this year (2023-24), we’ve completed over 700 repairs in communal areas.

We are currently contacting those of you who live in homes with communal areas to raise awareness of how to report problems and let you know how we will respond.

If you have any issues with the following, please get in touch so that we can arrange a repair:

  • Communal lighting faults
  • Leaky guttering or downpipes
  • Faulty phone entry system
  • Damaged paths
  • Broken window handles
  • Damaged doors/ locks
  • Damaged stair treads / banister rails
  • Communal roofs
  • Communal TV aerials

To find out more about requesting communal repairs, see: Communal area repairs

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