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New app to report anti-social behaviour

We've signed up to a new app to enable people to report anti-social behaviour (ASB) via their smartphones.

This is part of wider work being carried out following a review by our customer Scrutiny Group in response to feedback about the way ASB is dealt with.

The Reportable app enables anyone to log ASB issues caused by a Cottsway customer, or someone living with or visiting them, directly to their landlord – including sending photographic evidence such as fly-tipping.

The app is an additional reporting tool – customers can also contact Cottsway about ASB:

We are West Oxfordshire’s largest housing association and have more than 5,100 homes in the district as well as Gloucester, Wiltshire and Worcestershire. The Scrutiny Group is a group of people who live in Cottsway homes and they carried out the ASB review earlier this year.

The review resulted in a series of recommendations aimed at improving information available to customers about ASB and the support and help we can provide.

We have already put in place some of the recommendations, including:

  • Publishing our latest policy and procedure for dealing with ASB.
  • A new online toolkit to explain the different types of ASB and who is responsible for what, and the steps customers need to take.
  • Adding information about ASB to introductory packs for new customers.

We have also been raising awareness about advice and support available via our social media channels and website.

Scrutiny Group member Gill Browning, who’s lived in a Cottsway home for over 12 years, said: “We think tackling ASB effectively is particularly important as it not only impacts on an individual’s mental health and well-being but on whole families and communities.

“We looked closely at this key service area earlier this year and spoke to fellow customers who had reported ASB to gather their feedback. It’s great to see that Cottsway are now taking onboard actions raised in our review and are implementing changes that will hopefully help to improve the service.”

Wendy Hardy, Head of Housing at Cottsway said: “Anti-social behaviour covers a wide range of behaviours that can have a negative effect on people by causing nuisance and annoyance. We want to make it as easy as possible for those affected by the actions of our customers to be able to get in touch so that we can investigate and rectify any issues as smoothly as possible.

“The Reportable app is easy to use and is operated by the same company that run the Noise App – which we already have in place to help record any noise disturbances.”

Anyone who wishes to use the app, needs to:

  • Download the correct version for their device from
  • Follow the instructions onscreen to create an account
  • Select Cottsway Housing Association as the service provider.

Once registered, users simply need to login to report an issue.

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