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While stairlifts are easy to use, they do require annual servicing and maintenance by qualified engineers. For breakdowns, please call 01993 890000

You should check the manufacturer’s instructions for detailed information about your stairlift but here is some useful information to help ensure your safety:

Power cuts

Modern battery powered stairlifts should carry on working for 6-8 more trips. Older stairlifts which use mains power will not work in a power cut.

Weight restrictions

The maximum weight limit is usually indicated on the lift carriage. For most stairlifts this is 18-21 stones or 120-135 kgs.

If you exceed the maximum weight limit the stairlift may not work or you could damage the rail and chair.

Please remember, if you carry heavy shopping or other items on the stairlift with you ‘your’ weight may be considerably increased.

Safe use of stairlifts


  • Ensure stairs are not being used by others and there are no obstructions such as pets.
  • Relax and sit well back in the seat using arm and foot rests.
  • Fasten the seat belt or harness.
  • Check no articles of clothing or equipment can get trapped in the mechanisms.
  • Consider wearing an alarm call pendant to summon assistance in case the stairlift breaks down.

Do not:

  • Exceed the weight limit on the stairlift.
  • Try to carry more than one person.
  • Use it to transport furniture or other bulky items.
  • Allow children to play with the stairlift. For safety, it is advisable to switch off the stairlift and remove the key if there is a risk of tampering by children.
  • Get the mechanisms wet. If transporting liquids, do so carefully.
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Aids and adaptations

Find out how we can help if you, or a family member, are experiencing difficulties in maintaining your independence in your Cottsway home.

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