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Gas and oil heating

To make sure your gas and oil appliances are safe and working correctly they need servicing every year.

  • Gas services remain essential during the Coronavirus pandemic
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    Although government restrictions have now been lifted and it is no longer mandatory to wear face coverings or socially distance, we are encouraging our staff to take the following steps if they need to come into your home:

    • wash hands regularly or use hand sanitiser;
    • wear a face covering, especially where space is limited or in crowded places; 
    • social distance where possible.

    If you would like a member of staff to wear a face covering, please inform them of this. We’d also encourage you to wear a covering if asked by a staff member.

    If you are worried that you may have Coronavirus or the symptoms, please let us know so we can reschedule your appointment: Contact us

If not correctly maintained, gas and oil appliances can:

  • Generate carbon monoxide which is potentially lethal to you and your family.
  • Use more fuel than necessary, leading to higher energy bills.

Annual service for rented properties

Leaseholders and shared owners are responsible for arranging their own annual gas or oil service.

We carry out a free annual service on all our rented properties to make sure the heating and appliances are safe and working correctly.

Tenants have a legal obligation to let us in to carry out this work. We will contact you before your service is due to arrange a convenient time to access your home. It helps us immensely if you respond to us quickly when trying to arrange your annual service.

If any issues are found, we will arrange for repairs or work to be carried out. The engineer will discuss any problems with you and if required, show you how to operate your heating and hot water system.

If you suspect an appliance is not working correctly, let us know. One of our engineers will visit and if necessary, carry out a gas safety check.

  • Service appointments
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    We will contact you before your annual service is due. We will offer you either a morning or afternoon appointment, Monday to Friday.

    If the date given is not convenient, please contact us to change it or you could incur a fee.

    Cancelled appointments

    If we make an appointment to visit and you are not in, or will not let us in, you will be charged. If this happens repeatedly we will stop the gas or oil supply to your property until we can check the appliances are safe and either:

    • Serve you with a Notice of Seeking Possession which could lead to your eviction; or
    • Ask the court for an injunction that instructs you to let us into your home. We will also seek to recover our legal costs from you.

    If our engineer does not turn up to a prearranged appointment as agreed, we will compensate you for the convenience.

  • Gas heating
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    Our registered gas engineers will check over your gas supply pipework, from the meter to all gas appliances that we have fitted, or you have permission for, in your home.

    Gas service certificate

    When the service is complete, either the engineer will give you a gas service certificate or we will send you one within 28 days. This records all the gas appliances installed in your home, including your own. Keep your service certificate in a safe place.

    If you want to know when your home last had a gas safety check, contact us

    For more information:

    Visit: Health and Safety Executive

  • Gas leaks and carbon monoxide detectors
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    For advice see: Gas leaks and emergencies

  • Oil heating
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    Our specialist engineers will check over your oil tank and boiler once a year.

    However, you should look over your oil tank and pipework at least once a month, and before you order a refill, to make sure it isn’t damaged or leaking. If your oil use suddenly increases unexpectedly, check immediately for leaks.

    If you want to know when your home last had an oil safety check, contact us

    You should ensure the:

    • Tank is not becoming overgrown with vegetation.
    • Base or supports are not cracking or subsiding.
    • Contents gauge is working; if this has a valve make sure it is closed.
    • Pipework, valves and filters are not damaged and there are no signs of leaks, dampness or staining.
    • Tank is not whitening, cracking, splitting or warping in shape.

    Report any concerns to us straightaway by calling 01993 890000

  • Oil leaks or spills
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    Whatever the size of the oil leak or spill please contact us straightaway: 01993 890000

    Major spills can also be reported to the Environment Agency’s 24-hour incident hotline:
    0800 80 70 60

    If you have an oil leak or spill you need to act quickly to prevent pollution:

    • If you can, safely stop the flow of oil. If there is room and you will not get oil on your skin, put a bucket under the leak and close valves or taps.
    • Use sandbags or earth to soak up the oil if it’s on a hard surface.
    • Never wash any spilt oil into drains, a gully or into the ground as this can pollute rivers, streams and groundwater.

    For more information:

    Visit: Oil Care


  • You must have an electricity and gas /oil supply when our engineer visits. Any card meter will need to have credit on it. If not we will not be able to carry out the service and you may be charged.
  • Never try to repair or install gas appliances, pipework or installations yourself. You may be breaking the law and risking you and your family's life.
  • Always follow the operating instructions for your appliances. If in doubt, contact us for advice.
  • Never block ventilation grills, bricks or flues.
  • Check that you know where and how to turn off your gas or oil supply.
Oil heating system replacements

Following a review, we started a a five-year programme in April 2019 to remove all oil heating from our rented homes. 

An oil heating tank in the garden
Man installing a radiator
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