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Fire safety

Most fires are preventable and we take fire safety very seriously.

To help us look after your home and belongings:

  • Check your smoke alarms weekly.
    If they are not working, or if your alarm starts beeping, please Contact us
  • Use the main heating system installed by us.
    This is the safest and most effective way to heat your home.
  • Keep the area around your boiler clear and do not store anything in the same cupboard.
  • Do not use portable gas heaters.

In the event of a fire

If there is a fire within your home:

  • Evacuate immediately and close your front door behind you.
  • Use the stairs for escape.
  • Call the fire service on 999

If there is a fire in your block of flats but not inside your home:

  • Stay safe behind your closed front door.
  • Call the fire service on 999
  • Block gaps in the door to stop smoke from entering your flat.
  • Open windows for fresh air and to get attention.
  • Wait for the fire service to attend.
  • If you feel unsafe at anytime, please leave your flat remembering to close your front door behind you.
  • Protecting yourself
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    Check your smoke alarms weekly and follow this advice to help protect your home and loved ones:


    • Make sure all electrical appliances have a British or European safety mark.
    • Only used fused extension leads.
    • Keep electrical appliances clean and in good working order. Ensure any filters are kept clean, especially in tumble dryers.
    • Avoid leaving young children in the kitchen alone with cooking on the hob.
    • Put cigarettes out thoroughly in a proper ashtray.
    • Keep matches, lighters etc out of sight and reach of children.
    • Ensure candles are secured in a proper holder, away from curtains etc.
    • Make all electrical sockets accessible for testing (we’ll contact you before this is due to happen).

    Do not:

    • Remove or interfere with the smoke alarms.
    • Leave cooking unattended.
    • Overfill chip pans and never throw water on a chip pan fire.
    • Overload electrical sockets.
    • Use cubed adaptors in any circumstances
    • Leave appliances on standby – turn them off completely.
    • Leave children or pets alone with lit candles.
    • Smoke in bed.

    Home insurance

    Don’t forget to consider taking out home contents insurance. For more information see: Home insurance

  • Protecting your flat
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    We carry out regular fire risk assessments, block inspections and servicing of fire equipment, such as emergency lighting.

    However, you also have a responsibility for keeping your block safe:

    • Keep all communal areas clear of rubbish and personal possessions.
    • Lock cupboards in communal hallways.
    • Do not smoke inside any communal areas or within five metres of any entrance doors.
    • Park in designated areas only to ensure escape routes are clear.

    Fire doors

    The fire doors should be kept shut at all times and you should not try to make any adjustments to them yourself.

    If you have any issues with doors (which meet the required FD30s standards) call us on 01993 890000

    Fire risk assessment

    To request a copy of the current fire risk assessment for your block please contact us.

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