Lady painting a wall blue

Home alterations

You have the right to make minor improvements to your home, but you may need to seek permission from us first.

You can carry out simple painting and decorating work within your home.

However, you will need permission for some work including:

  • Installing fencing, gates, sheds and greenhouses
  • Painting your front door or installing a catflap
  • Laying floorings (although we provide kitchen and bathroom flooring as standard)
  • Laying a patio
  • Installing a satellite TV dish

Major structural changes or significant alterations to the layout of rooms are not usually permitted.

It is important that you gain permission from us before you start any work: Ask for permission

You should know that we:

  • Check your property boundaries.
  • Check our records to see whether your home has any Asbestos containing materials
  • May ask for work to be carried out to certain conditions and standards.
  • Will refuse your request if we believe the work would reduce the value of your home or if your account is in arrears.
  • Reserve the right to remove or put right any defective improvement work that has been done without our permission, or that is not to set conditions, and we will charge for this work.
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