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Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund

We have secured a £1.3m grant from the Government’s Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF) and allocated £1.4m of funding ourselves to improve the energy efficiency of 142 of our older homes most in need of improvement.

We have partnered with E.On Energy Solutions Limited to help us deliver this project during 2024-2026. Our goal is to increase the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of each of these homes to at least a C, helping to reduce carbon emissions and lower customer energy bills.

This is part of our wider decarbonisation work, to improve the energy efficiency of our homes and reduce our own carbon footprint.

Identifying homes to be improved

By analysing housing surveys and using data modelling, we have identified which of our homes we think are most in need of improvement.

If your home is among those identified as part of this project, we will either already have been in touch with you or will make contact at a later date to:

Step 1: Arrange a home energy assessment

You will be contacted by Baxter Kelly, working on behalf of E.On so an up-to-date EPC survey can be arranged to help us assess the property’s current energy efficiency and identify the best energy improvements for your particular home.

If your home is confirmed as having an EPC rating of D or below, and it is feasible to make the necessary improvements, we will agree what energy measures would be best installed at your home with E.On Energy Solutions Limited.

Step 2: Carry out an asbestos survey before commencing work (if required)

We hold asbestos survey reports for most of our homes built before 1999 and we re-inspect these every 5-years. However, depending on when your home was last surveyed, we may want to quickly do another survey before we start on any refurbishment work. You will be contacted if this is needed.

Step 3: Let you know which energy saving measures will be installed at your home

We will send you a Welcome pack with more details about the specific energy saving measures that we plan to install in your home. These will vary on a case-by-case basis, but may include:

  • Installing cavity wall insulation
  • Installing external wall insulation
  • Installing or improving loft insulation
  • Installing solar panels
  • Replacing existing heating with air source heating
  • Adding ventilation 

This pack will also have information on what the work will entail and what areas of the property we will need to access eg, loft, roof etc.

Step 4: Design and programming surveys (if applicable)

If you’re having air source heating or external wall insulation installed, the contractor will need to visit your home before work starts to carry out an additional survey to help them plan exactly what needs to be done, when and where in your home. You will be contacted beforehand if this is required at your home.

Step 5: Arrange for the work to be carried out

You will be contacted in advance to let you know when the work will take place and the name of the contractors. Surveyors, Philip Pank Partnership LLP, may also visit your home during and after the work is completed to ensure it is carried out to the standard we require.

Please remember, if you ever want to check the legitimacy of someone working for, or on behalf of, Cottsway, then you can call us on 01993 890000.

Step 6: Revised EPC survey

Once work has been completed, a new EPC survey will be undertaken to ensure that the property has achieved a rating of C or higher.

Your questions answered

We understand that having work done at your home may be daunting so we will keep in touch with you throughout the process with more detailed information. In the meantime, we have tried to address some of the queries you may have below.

No, we are simply working with E.On Energy Solutions Limited to help us install energy saving measures at these homes during this project. You do not need to change your energy provider.

The surveyor will visit your home to:

  • Look at all the rooms - including your loft if you have one - to see the existing heating, insulation and ventilation.
  • Take notes, photographs and, if applicable, measurements.
  • Inspect the walls for insulation – this may involve drilling a hole in the external wall but this will be refilled at the time by the surveyor.

In the vast majority of cases, the work can be done while you are at home, although you may be without electricity and / or heating for a few hours.

It can be very costly to make energy efficiency improvements. This grant will only allow us to make improvements to 142 properties so we are prioritising our lower-performing homes, but we are applying for other grants to support energy efficiency improvements in the future.

In the meantime, we have a planned maintenance programme to improve the performance of our existing homes which includes heating system replacements, window and door replacements, and ad-hoc insulation improvements.

For more information, see: Planned maintenance

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