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Abuse and neglect

No one should suffer abuse, or the threat of abuse. If you believe there’s an immediate risk of harm to yourself or someone else, or it is an emergency, you should always call 999

Abuse, including neglect, can occur anywhere. The person causing the harm may be a stranger but more often than not it is someone known to the victim – someone in a position of trust or power such as a relative, health care professional or neighbour.

Read one customer's story on how domestic abuse can happen to anyone - and how Cottsway helped resolve the situation.

If you, or someone you know who is a Cottsway customer, is suffering physical, emotional, sexual or any other kind of abuse, neglect or coercive behaviour, we will support you.

How we can help

Depending upon the wishes of the victim and the seriousness of the situation, we will:

  • Discuss the situation immediately with you
  • Talk to the victim within 24 hours of receiving the report and investigate fully
  • Work with relevant agencies involved such as the police or the local authority
  • Review the security of the home if necessary
  • Take appropriate legal action against the person causing the abuse
  • Provide support to find alternative accommodation if needed
  • Regularly keep in touch with you until the matter is resolved.

We must respect the wishes of the victim unless they or others are in immediate danger, they are incapable of making a decision themselves, or a criminal offence has been committed.

To report abuse or neglect please contact us

Other support

We are committed to helping our customers.

We’ve signed up to the national ‘Make a Stand’ campaign created by the Chartered Institute of Housing. Find out more.

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