Work for us! We’re recruiting for two new part-time posts so we can help more customers - a Pre-tenancy support officer and a Tenancy support and sustainment officer. Applications close on Monday 17 June. Find out more

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Find out how we are performing, what our strategic plans are, review our Annual Report and see other publications.

Our customer charter

Find out the service standards you can expect from us - and what we expect in return.

Home User Guide

If your home is less than 12 months old the developer is responsible for addressing any defects. Our Home User Guide gives details about repairs and any DIY restrictions.

Annual Report 2022-23

A summary of our activities and spend during the past year.

Corporate Plan 2023 - 2028

Find out about our future plans and key corporate objectives.

Customer Engagement Strategy 2022 - 2025

This sets out our approach to customer engagement, ensuring a shared understanding among stakeholders and a clear, agreed response to national and local priorities.

Financial statements 2022-23

Our full financial statements for the past year.

Our Income Management Strategy 2021-2024

Our strategy to ensure we have resilient arrangements in place to maximise rental income and minimise arrears.

Value for Money Summary 2022-23

A summary of our performance during the past year.

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